Extinction Of Dinosaurs Essay

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The Extinction Of Dinosaurs Dinosaurs walked the earth for an incredible 165 million years. They first appeared in the late Triassic period, before diversifying to dominate the planet, and become the largest land animals to ever lived. However, their reign was to come to an end. 65 million years ago, dinosaurs and all other creatures died. This extinction was used to mark the boundary between the Cretaceous period, when the last dinosaurs lived, and the Tertiary period, when they became extinct. This is called the K/T boundary. Geologists renamed “Tertiary” to “Paleogene” and the event was called the K/P boundary came as K/T. Since the dinosaur’s disappearance, it has been the only concern and debate of paleontologists who, based on Darwin’s theory, said that…show more content…
In deep-sea sediments, several very small species of foraminifera with simple unadorned shells reappeared. The planktonic foraminifera are considered species that reproduce fast. Fossils land plant went extinct too in North America, which the asteroid decimated its forests. Of the many long-term effects produced by the global devastation at the K/T boundary, the most obvious is the disappearance of all non-avian dinosaurs. In my own thinking and theoretically speaking, all of the written theories combined were the deadly after effect of the asteroid, and the reason behind the extinction of dinosaurs that survived the Big Bang. Maybe the close of the age of dinosaurs meant the starts of the Age of Mammals. Within the first five million years of the Paleocene Epoch, large mammals had appeared for the first time, including primitive carnivores and ungulates, about 10 million years after the K/T boundary event. Perhaps without the extinction of dinosaurs, the evolution of mammals and human would have never happened and maybe we are in a midst of another mass
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