Diocletian's Accomplishments Essay

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Have you ever contributed to or lead something really important? Well Diocletian did, and he did more than once. He was a very important Roman leader through the late 200s CE. Diocletian rose to power becoming the emperor of Rome, he ruled with different governments, and he had a few good accomplishments. Diocletian was an emperor that rose to great power through an empire/monarchy, and he later lead to oligarchy. He was born on December 22, 245 CE in Balkan Province of Dalmatia. Diocletian started rising to power when he became part of the top group in the Illyrian army. Next he even served as part of the imperial bodyguard, which got him more attention. Sadly after, the emperor ruling was murdered, but that ended up gaining Diocletian the power he needed to take over emperor. This is because Aper (the emperor’s father-in-law) was accused of killing the emperor, so Diocletian avenged the emperor 's death by killing Aper in front of his troops. This caused him to get proclaimed emperor in 284 CE. While being in control, Diocletian was leading troops and he gained a victory at River Marus. This then gained him complete control of the empire. So as you can see, Diocletian rose…show more content…
When Diocletian separated the ruling power into two parts this was an accomplishment because it made it so that more than one person could help make decisions. This would be helpful in case one of the rulers was bad, then the other ruler could help them out. Also, one of the main battles Diocletian won, was against the Persians (a group of people fighting against Diocletian and the other leaders). This started in 296 CE when the Persians won against Galerius (another leader), but since Galerius failed miserably, Diocletian shamed/criticized him. Then Diocletian came back with more troops and defeated the Persians along with their
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