Diomedes: The Normative Greek Warrior

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Greek heroes are mortals who show great strength and courage, and are favored by the gods. Diomedes, son of Tydeus, can be seen as the normative Greek warrior because of his superhuman prowess in battle as a mortal. Heroes can be identified through their bold feats, which Diomedes displays in book 5 of the Iliad. In battle it is noted that “the Trojans were scattered by Tydeus’ son, and as many as they were could not stand against him.” Diomedes is presented as an unstoppable force, strong enough to take on many of the Trojan warriors at once. His exploits in battle continue when the goddess Athena endows Diomedes with superhuman strength and the ability to distinguish gods from mortals. He then battles and kills several Trojan warriors, injuring
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