Dionysus: Zeus, The King Of The Gods

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zeus was the king of the gods and goddess. and over through his father. he created storms and darkness. his wife was hera his weapon was a thunderbolt which he hurled at those who displeased or defied. hera hera was zeus wife and sister.goddess of childbirth and marriage. her special interest was to protect married women. a cow and a peacock was her sacred animals. she often interfered with zeus plans. zeus marriage wasn't good at all they fought a lot. Apollo: Apollo is the son of zeus, god of music. Apollo plays a golden lyre. the archer is his nickname. god of healing and medicine. a dolphin is his spirit animal. Apollo was an oracle god. His holy tree is laure Poseidon God of the sea earthquakes and all of the ocean creatures.…show more content…
She wa devoted to nature and birth she was also the protector of childhood and labor. Dionysus God of fertility and wine.he created art he brought joy and he would distruction. Human eyes can't look at his beautiful that's the nature of wine. He was a lover of a god he had an oath to keep away from his lover. Ares Was the god of war he represented raw violence. Also untamed acts that was in war time. He was hated by his mom and dad they were zeus and hera . he had a violent personality he had to face humility every defeat he had. Athena She was the virgin goddess of reason. She had no momma she came ready in full armor out of zeus's head. She was brave and fierce. She was only in a war if it meant that it will protect her home. Hermes He was a god of commerce he was quick acting and he was also cunning. He could move quickly between worlds he was the protector of travel, athletes, and thieves. He protect the humans by convincing the gods. He jumped out of his crib. Hephaestus He was a blacksmith sculptor fire and volcanos. He symbolises with a hammer and an anvil and a pair of tongs . his mom threw him off of mount. Olympics because he was crippled he was the best
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