Dip Drip Narrative

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Drip, drip, drip, it started to sprinkle as I walked inside my house because, there was a leak. My Grandma announced, ”Here is a picture of your dad, please keep it with you.” I listened and I kept it with me. I got in the car because my grandma told me to. I was going to meet my dad. Two hours later we arrived at my grandma Janes. I go to my favorite place in her basement. There is a guy in my grandma Jane 's basement. I screamed. I screamed, “STRANGER DANGER STRANGER DANGER!” [As I was running up the stairs I realized it was my dad]. I close the door as tight as I could and, held it with all my might. While I was trying to catch my breath, my grandma was pulling me away from the door.I didn’t know what to do. my grandma
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