Diploma In Community Service

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Diploma in Community Services
Currently, I do not hold a Diploma in Community Services.
I would be agreeable to look at studying part-time to gain this certificate.
Substantial experience in community service delivery, administration and working with Aboriginal people
In a previous role as an Aboriginal Liaison Officer for Nagle Catholic College, I had the task of making contact with the parents of 30+ Indigenous students, this would involve phone calls and visits to parents to engage parents in encouraging students to attend school on a daily basis and to touch base to see how students needs are being met by the school. I had daily contact with students in the classrooms through changing hats and becoming the Aboriginal Education Assistant
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I currently work in a position that requires a high-level of client focus. I deal with the general public, clients, managers, staff members and other agencies, on any given day and my personality allows me to effectively communicate and build relationships and networks in various situations.
Customer service roles in previous employment have given me a greater understanding of customer needs, focus and the level of importance it holds in a successful business. My interpersonal skills are shown in my above and beyond approach to customer needs and my general interest in clients and desire to assist them to achieve a good outcome of all concerned. In my currently position with Desert Blue Connect, I deal with sensitive issues/clients and I am able to maintain a strict client confidentially and build rapport. Knowledge, understanding and awareness of diversity of Aboriginal cultures and
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It is always important that I am diplomatic, respectful and tactful and I have displayed this on a daily basis for most of my life. I can communicate with a positive manner and on occasions I have been in situations where a client is not able to speak clearly and so by establishing a good rapport I am able to make the client/staff member feel calm and not be embarrassed by their lack of ability to communicate well, by doing this I am able to effectively acquire the required outcome for them. This can be managed by simple things such as; having empathy, a memory of previous encounters, eye contact (if comfortable for the client), watching for hand gestures or displays towards certain items and with common sense approach the desired result is
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