Diplomatic Immunity In Diplomats

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The violation of an individual by another normally calls for repercussion and or in the least restitution. This is so as a result of long laid down principles that create an enabling environment for peace, law and order. In the situation where such does not take place or is noticeably cut short, a fundamental wrong capable of disturbing the peace of the society has occurred. It is wrong for those given some sort of over by people to misuse or under utilize such powers to the detriment of the people. It can only be left to ones imagination the breach of trust for ones government a person will feel in the instance where an employer assaults a person with intention to rape and one’s home government turns a blind eye. Thus
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It acknowledges also that life is a human right , and this makes the abuses committed by diplomats our most fundamental human rights violation owing to the fact that other abuses stem form the violation of a human life.
This thesis argues that immunity granted a diplomat should be attached to conduct alone in other words, functional immunity. It contends that any harm done to anyone by a diplomat-who ought to be a responsible person of high intellect -in the ordinary course of his’ (diplomat’s) official activities should be able to fall under diplomatic immunity and thus should follow. This does not extend to acts of violence.
As the most controversial and dissenting issue in recent times, the central objective of this study is to attempt to
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This thesis will use doctrinal and analytical research methods in a bid to scrutinize the provisions made for protecting and punishing crimes committed on the international plane. This approach is taken with a view to elaborate on some realistic remedies that may avail a victim of diplomatic immunity abuse(s).

This research consists of five chapters of which Chapter one has the background of study, statement of problem, objectives of the study, significance of the study, the scope of the study and methodology. It ends with the synopsis or chapterization of the work.
Chapter two will be reviewing existing literature on the issue studied. This chapter will explore the opinion of scholars who may or may not have seen the necessity in curtailing the excesses surrounding the protection from crime committed by diplomatic agents in the guise of international protection.
Chapter three holds a walk-through diplomacy, the immunities diplomats are entitled to, culminating with some reasons there are diplomatic rows and the excesses of diplomatic agents. It will also expose the frailty of ungrounded individuals who are opportune to serve as diplomat/internationally protected

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