Dipper At Gravity Falls Case Study

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It was Dipper and Mabel 's fourth summer at Gravity Falls.

Over this period of time, Dipper and Mabel, as well as the people around them matured significantly. Friendships grew, fights were had, monsters were destroyed...despite how hesitant they were about the place on their first visit, and those couple of occasions they almost died, Dipper and Mabel wouldn 't have it any other way.

However, no bond grew more over the four summers then the nexus between Dipper and Candy, one of Mabel 's friends she had met during her first summer in Gravity Falls. Candy had briefly crushed on him during their first summer there, but then quickly was over it due to Dipper 's massive screw-up of flirting with multiple girls.

But that crush quickly came back to Candy upon their second summer in Gravity Falls, Dipper having gotten
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Since then, Dipper and Candy had been in a strong but long-distance relationship, fueled through the power of technology.

There was one thing Dipper couldn 't help but notice any time he was talking to Candy, flirting with Candy, or even mentioning Candy with Mabel in the room. His sister suddenly tuned out, like she couldn 't handle him talking about her or something.

But that was crazy. She and Candy were still friends, so...what was the deal?

This behavior seemed to only intense upon their fourth summer in Gravity Falls, and at this point Dipper was fueling it on purpose, trying to figure what exactly was going on with his sister.

On this particular night, Dipper was getting dolled up for a date with Candy, wearing the finest clothing his little income could purchase. It was the first date that they had been on since their last summer in Gravity Falls, and they were both obviously excited to be able to see, talk with, and touch each other physically again.

"Mabel, do you think this is too dressy?" Dipper asked his sister, who was lying on their bed with a coloring book. "Ditch the tie?"

"Yeah, uh, sure, whatever." Mabel muttered
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