Dipper's Tale: A Short Story

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Piedmont, California

the thirty-first of August was a day Dipper both loved and hated. It meant he had survived another year without Bill Cipher rearing his triangular head, but that he was a year closer to that eventuality. On one particular paranoid night, Dipper ground up moonstone and unicorn hair into a mystical ink; then he slipped out to a shady tattoo parlor with a fake id and two years worth of saved allowance. Now, six months after that incident Dipper was trying to figure out how to hide the ward he had inscribed on his left arm from his parents. It wouldn't be a problem, but Mable thought it would be a good idea to have her sweet sixteen on the beach. As her brother Dipper obliged to let her have her way at least on her sixteenth birthday. "Well, the cat was going to come
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pines eye began to twitch with irritation. She'd opened her mouth to speak, but before she had a chance everything started shaking. Dipper didn't need to think twice as he pulled Mable under the coffee table instinctively shielding his sister further with his body, and it wasn't a second later the house collapsed. The last thing Dipper and Mable heard before been thrown into a silent darkness was their mother's shriek.

In (Hometown, state)

The thirty-first of august was like any other day for (F/N). she'd go to work while avoiding her mom who had passed out in a different place than the night before inside the slum of an apartment (F/N) called home. (f/n) would perpetually come back to find her mother already inebriated, although tonight was unusual in the fact that not only was her mom sober she was beyond furious. "Where is it?" Her mother seethed with rage boiling in her eyes.

"I have no clue what you're talking about," (F/N) stuttered with the trepidation of her mother's anger because the truth is she knew what her mother was talking about. Last night (F/N) hid all the alcohol because she had tired of coming home to an intoxicated
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