Direct And Indirect Influences In My Family

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Throughout our lives we are influence by many. It can have a negative or positive impact in our lives. Direct and indirect influences place a big factor in the way we are now or how it will impact our future. Direct influence means we can take specific steps to get where we want to be a direct persuasion, instructions of others. Indirect Influence means that the actions we take are influence by the presence of others, watching how others act and speak. As it talks on chapter 3 both influences as similar to nature vs. nurture because nature is influence by the environment and nurture is genetic by your parents. A direct influence example is my family and an indirect influence is media. For me a direct influence is my family because they are my support system. Since I was a little girl I would always hear my parent telling my older sibling how important it was to graduate high school and go to college. Now that I am grown, I understand why my parents would tell them and me to get a degree. My parents had poor education none of my parents finished high school, because in Mexico the highest free level of school was six grade and after that the parents had to paid more expensive tuition. Like it mentions in chapter 16 about how important is for parents to give advise, listen, and encourage their children. My parents remind me how they were not able to do or have what we have now when they were my…show more content…
As an adult influences will help me grow. Influences will always be there without me or you realizing is happening. Direct influence comes from my family by pursuing me to go to college and get a better life. Indirect influence comes from the media and it can go both ways negative or positive. We cannot help to get influence by our surroundings. Watching something in TV can influence me to like a certain song, a style, or a show. Direct or indirect influence our lives without even
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