Direct Cause Of Death Essay

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1)What was the direct cause of death for each of these athletes?
The direct cause of death for the first athlete, case one, was he experienced extreme fatigue and became incommunicative after he stopped exercising. The athlete 's strategy for exercising had lead to the development of cardiorespiratory arrest and the result of death. The direct cause of death for the second athlete, case two, was he ignored the sign of having shortness of breath and continued exercising. The result was hyperthermia. He had abnormal status of serum sodium, urea nitrogen, and creatinine in his blood. They were all highly above the normal status. The direct cause of death for the third athlete, case three, was he had difficulty breathing and was not able to intake
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Of the athletes that I know of, they try to lose weight to gain a competitive advantage. It is unsafe because in order to reach the body weight she desire, she limited herself on food and limited the amount of water she drinks to prevent "water weight". She does not eat breakfast or dinner. For lunch she eats a tiny meal. A bowl of salad with one or two pieces chicken. She is not getting enough nutrients her body needs to performs daily activities. It is unsafe. She will eventually fall sick. Sickness and weakness will take over because her body does not have the energy to perform any type of activity or fight back germs and bacteria in her surroundings.

6)What policy should Central have in place to assure the health and safety of its athletes, in all sports?
To protect athlete at Central, policies are a must to ensure the health and safety of its athletes. Students are not allowed to lose weight by restricting basic health needs. Such as restricting water or food. To ensure that students are not violating the rule, they are to record everything they intake with their signature as the seal of truth. Students are to bring water during practice games. Sport events are to be canceled if the temperature is unfit. Students must wear proper sportswear during games and
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