Direct Characterization In The Pancake House

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What POV, Story and Character are you using? We are using 3rd person narrator and the story is Pancakes. We are describing Jill. If you chose direct characterization, what are you doing as a writer? Direct Characterization tells the audience what the personality of the character is. If you chose indirect characterization, what are you doing as a writer? the process by which the personality of a fictitious character is revealed through the character 's speech, actions, appearance, etc. What does your character look like? Make sure you describe them using BOTH indirect and direct characterization. List 6 character traits that you plan on developing in your character throughout your rewrite Gives Up Easily Aggressive Disorganized Reckless Stubborn Disrespectful What is the setting? The pancake house Describe it in detail below and in…show more content…
Andy told Jill, “Hey are you alright?you good, youwe should probably close shop until Lucy and shirlSheri get here.” Jill replied stubbornly, “No thanks i’m good, I can handle this.”Jill replied stubbornly. SThen, she heard a loud sound come from the dining area, she found a customer on the ground next to a puddle of syrup.,When she went to go help him but slipped alsoshe also slipped. There was so much syrup everywhere she wondered who was doing that She sawsay a young kid running around spraying syrup everywhere. She went over to the kid careful not to slip and admonished him for doing that. At that moment the phone rang. I lunged for it. It was Lucy calling from the hospital. Her baby had a bronchial infection and needed medicine. She couldn’t come in, but Shirl was on her way, she should be pulling onto the interstate now. Jill freaked out and started panicking, she was as well as cursing under her breath. The customers out front were getting restless and were making a lot of noise. She ran to the front to tell to come down and be

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