Direct Characterization Of Paul In Tangerine

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This is a realistic fiction novel written by Edward Bloor named Tangerine. This novel is about the main character Paul Fisher uncovering the truth, revealing the dark secrets his family kept from him, and growing in his understanding of his friends, family, and himself. The motif of sight is paul and although he his partially blind, he can see the dark secrets his family kept from him and also can't see thing in all of his friends, family,and himself. Through the motif of sight, Paul and has a strong growing understanding of his friends, family, and himself. First, Paul is experiencing and understanding of his own friends. Paul throughout the novel can see things his friends can see. He can see him getting recognition from people among him…show more content…
He also saw that coach walski was unfair or biased to paul because of his IEP (82-83). Paul also sees that his friends think of him as an real and good soccer player and not just another player on the soccer team. They also see that paul is not like Erik but is still afraid and scared of him. This shows Paul's friends see things like Gino saying that he is a good soccer player and the coach didn't bend the rules for him but do it for many others players. This show Paul that his friends see that they care about paul and he is like another brother to the team. For the others, it shows that people see that Paul and Erik are two different people and they are not the same but Paul is still afraid and scared of Erik. Paul's friends in the novel didn't see some things Paul saw. They did not see the value of Gino calling Paul mars (49). Joey also don’t see how paul fits in at Tangerine high with all those people and Lake Windsor Downs with his IEP. Kerri does not see Paul even as a normal kid
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