Direct Democracy In Government Essay

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Over the past several years, the federal government has faced multiple impending shutdowns, economic crisis, scandals, and legislative stagnation. One can clearly see the need of government reform and the greater involvement of the American people. As described in the “Direct Democracy via the Web”, one method in increasing the involvement of the American people is by direct democracy through the internet. Direct democracy allows the people to represent themselves in the government and have a greater influence in the legislative process. In order to establish a direct democracy, the framework of the Constitution must be amended or restructured. The article clearly proposed guidelines into how such a change would affect the balance of power and some of its advantages. In the article, power of the legislative, executive, and judicial sections of the federal government is essentially stripped away and most of the authority is given to the people. As stated in the article, the true responsibilities of such government branches is to propose laws to be voted on by the people, and provide the necessary means to enact such laws. The influence of…show more content…
Direct democracy via the internet does provide all Americans an easy method of voting and could potentially increase voter numbers. However, I do believe that the federal government should hold most of the power. Complex issues, such as international relations, military, and warfare, should be handled by the government. I do not trust the masses in such complex issues. But I do believe that for a direct democracy to be successful, there must be a set of guidelines in which the American public can vote of certain issues and also for the public to be well-informed in such matters. The American public should not be ignorant and receive unbiased information, in order to create a firm opinion on the issue or
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