Foreign Investments In The Bahamas

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Foreign direct investments are always sought out by many nations across the world .In the Bahamas ,we are constantly seeking new innovative ways in which we can lure foreign investors to invest within the country . Although,we open our doors to foreign investments there are many Bahamians who are confident that foreign investments will be the demise of Bahamian culture.These individuals have the impression that foreign investments will do more harm than good. Lipsey (2004) claimed that,”Many evils are alleged.They depress wages in home countries by exploiting helpless workers. They stifle host-country growth by displacing local firms and obstructing their technological progress”(para.1).Lipsey is highlighting the impression individuals have…show more content…
He insinuates that capital investments can also lead to the family islands infrastructure to be refurbished. Inghram(2009) addressed the general public of the Bahamas that there are plans to facilitate growth on the family islands by stating .”to address the inadequate infrastructure around the country”(para.3) .He proceed to speak on the building or destination areas when statin,”rebuilding of air and seaports on family islands”(para.4). Therefore, foreign investment would be beneficial to the family islands because, by granting the permission to invest on the islands ,airports and harbours can be built more efficiently .If the occurs the revenue coming into the family islands can be used to develop the islands further as as result more foreign investors will invest into the country and the island raising the GDP ,therefore more infrastructure can be facilitated on the…show more content…
Like the Bahamas,if we make improve on the family islands , we can attract our tourism industry. By doing this, we are allowing an increase in tourism. Another benefactor of increasing in tourism would be to allow foreign investors to invest in ecotourism on the family islands . Lindberg(2011) asserted that Ecotourism can take on the role of job creations and desolated areas that has not benefit well from the more economical developments plans on the more populated islands(para.1) ..Lindberg(2011) continued to explain that Australia takes part in ecotourism and as a result ; they receive many benefits and attract more tourists into Australia . Like the Bahamas,some family islands are not heavily populated and underdeveloped , therefore if foreign investments are allowed into the family island,ecotourism can be established;as a result, more tourist will come . Hence the more tourist that come the more the tourism industry can be increased

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