Direction Of Communication In Nursing

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An organization has to design the direction of communication flow to ensure uniformity in dissemination of information and to establish accountability. This direction is designed to channelize the flow of communication either from top to bottom, bottom to top or on same hierarchical levels. This flow is called the direction of communication.The word communication has been derived from Latin ward “communis” which means common. Thus communication means sharing of ideas is common. It can be defined as exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions between two or more persons to create a common ground of understanding.According to David.Berlo -It is the process of exchanging and generating and transmitting meanings between
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Relationship between health care providers and patients are not accomplished randomly but through purposeful communication a helping relationship exist among the people who provide and receive assistance in meeting human needs. Nurses should maintain better skills in the social aspects. In hospital situation following methods of skills are used daily to maintain therapeutic relationship.

 TOUCH: Is a tactile response and it is a way to express feelings of comfort, love, affective, security etc.
 EYE CONTACT: Communication often begins with eye contact. A glance is often an attention getting method to open conversation.
 FACIAL EXPRESSION:faceis the most expressive part of the body .Through facial expression we can express anger, joy sadness, fear etc.
 POSTURE: People in good health and with a positive attitude usually hold their bodies in good alignment .Depressed or tired people are more likely to slouch.
 GAIT: A bouncy purposeful walk usually carries messages of wellbeing. A less purposeful, shuffling gait often means the person is sad or discouraged.
 GESTURES: Gestures using various parts of the body can carry numerous message e.g. thumbs up shows victory, kicking an object often express
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Two facilities participated in 6 month case studies using field observation, shadowing and depth interviews .In one facility, the dominant pattern of communication was a vertical chain of command between the care providers, characterized by the thin connection and limited information exchange. The second facility used an open communication pattern between medical and front line staff. The authors saw higher levels of information flow, cognitive diversity. Thus pattern of communication between care providers in nursing facilities have an important impact. By Cathleen

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