Reflective Feedback

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The review of literature explores in depth the purpose of feedback, the concept of directive feedback and its significant values in writing. The types and effectiveness of feedback in writing is the central focus of this research. While some teachers may feel discouraged as students seem to ignore their feedback (Hairston, 1986), while other teachers think that their feedback is useful (Leki, 1991). However, students may sometimes feel frustrated and confused when reading their teacher’s recommendations and comments (Mantello, 1997). Feedback was widely cited as an important medium of learning and performance (Bandura, 1991), but a few studies have reported feedback as devastating because it did not present any effect at all (Mory, 2004).…show more content…
There are several types of feedback which may be appropriate to be utilised for example specific response, goal directed, immediate delivery and etc. Other than that, they also serve different functions (Black & William, 1998). There are two main functions of feedback, namely directive and facilitative. Directive feedback notifies the student of what need to be fixed or revised. Such feedback is more specific than facilitative feedback because it provides comments and suggestions to assist students in their own revision and conceptualization. Due to this, researcher believes that directive feedback will help the students to improve their writing skills. One shall not disregard the importance of providing or receiving feedback. Effective feedback actually contains huge benefits for the giver, receiver and wider organisation or community. The importance of feedback in writing will be further discussed in the next section.

2.2 The Importance of Feedback in Writing
Writing is a skill that equips human with the communication they need to actively function in a society. The ability to write effectively represents a part of intellectual capabilities of learners. Writing generally consists of punctuation, spelling, structure, or grammar (Robert, 1961). According to Toni Parkinson stated that (2002:41-42) the aims of writing are:
1. To inform, explain and describe.
2. To argue, persuade and
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