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Dirt Biking Dirt biking is a great way to exercise, go exploring, and it’s one of the most dangoures sports. A few ways to exercise your muscles by dirt biking is it works out all of your muscles from having to control the bike. It’s also a great way to exercise your brain and mental state by how you have to go about your strategy and how you have to go through a 30-minute motto of intense racing. The time you spend on your dirt bike helps improve your cardiovascular, the longer and more time you spend riding you will use muscles you didn’t even know you had. Dirt biking also helps improve your stamina. Also professional dirt bikers are some of the most fit people in the world. So you don’t just sit down on the bike and gas it, you have to know how to adjust you body and weight for different parts of…show more content…
You can almost go any where in the world on a dirt bike, you even go on water recently a dirt bike rider put skies and a pattle tire where the wheels would be, he would even ride a wave and ride through the tubes in the waves. There are also different bikes for different things. Some of the most popular places to go dirt biking is in the desert and go up in the mountains to do trail riding. A really cool place to explore is in the forest because there are many places to go and find beautiful places like water falls and really cool trees; and if you’re a professional dirt bike rider you can travel all over the world to compete with other countries in a race to be called the the best dirt biking country in the world. But dirt biking also takes many risks and it’s one of the most dangoures sports. A lot of people have died or got seriously injured by dirking. One of the most famous injuries from dirt biking is by breaking your back and being paralyzed for life. (Accidents accounted for 245 deaths among children and teens under the age of 19 and almost 57,000 trips to the emergency room to treat

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