Dirty Thirties: The Causes Of The Great Depression

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The Great Depression, this period of time was known as “Dirty Thirties”, it was not like the simple economy depression, some examples were banking or financial crisis. This huge financial turmoil which “started in 1929”(Kathy Gill,2016)[ Kathy Gill, “What caused The Great Depression”, ThoughtCo, https://www.thoughtco.com/great-depression-causes-3367841 (accessed in March 28th 2017 )] swept the whole world, led to millions of people unemployed, hungry and homeless. It affected everyone in some way and if people were caught by this storm, then there was basically no way to escape. A lot of people wanted to find the reason why the Great Depression was happened, but the causes of the Great Depression were very complex, and economists have not yet fully explained them thoroughly so far. The “Depression continued until the onset of World War II”(Kathy Gill,2016)1, during this decade, people had plenty of hypothesize of the cause of the Great Depression. In addition, the “Great Depression originated in the United States”(Jennifer Rosenberg,2016)[ Jennifer Rosenberg, “The Great Depression”, ThoughtCo, https://www.thoughtco.com/the-great-depression-1779289 (accessed in March 28th 2017 ) ], t it also affected a lot of capitalist countries, Canada was included in it. Therefore, the Great Depression also has had an impact on Canadian economic, social and political life, and it caused a lot of things, “such as Dust Bowl, On-to-Ottawa Trek and Relief camps” (Susan Munroe, 2017)[ Susan
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