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Dirty War In Argentina What caused the Dirty War in Argentina? When president Juan Peron died in 1974, Dictator Jorge Rafael Videla came into power, bringing all military officials to government positions. This caused the “Dirty War” in Argentina from 1976-1983. The causes of the” Dirty War” in Argentina were the death of president Juan Peron in Argentina, the people of Argentina fought for power against dictator Videla and the violence that corrupted in Argentina throughout the war.
The death of the president Juan Peron caused the conflict in Argentina to begin. For example, in the article “Dirty War, Argentine History” the author states, “After the death of the controversial President Juan Peron in 1974, his wife and vice president, Isabel
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For instance, “Immediately after independence, Argentina was segregated between residents of the coastal cities and the interior provinces. This divide was rooted in the dramatic social and economic difference between urban Argentina and the mostly rural provinces, and expressed itself in the long dispute over the future of the Argentine state.” Argentina was segregated which caused tension between the left wing political opponents. To add on, in the article, “Argentina Dirty War - 1976-1983” it states, “ Everyone fell into the net: union leaders who struggled for a simple increase in wages, adolescents who were members of a student association, newspaper reporters that were not addicted to the dictatorship, psychologists and sociologists who were part of suspect professions, young pacifists, nuns and priests that had carried the teachings of Christ to the miserably poor. And friends of any of them, and friends of those friends; people that had been denounced for reasons of personal vengeance or by kidnap victims under torture.” People had to be either a guardian, moderator or a ruler, Jorge Rafael Videla and his military junta corrupted Argentina, everyone was ruled by the military

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