Dirty Wars In Guatemala

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In the bloody aftermath, what good are these documents and what propose do they serve? For one, the documents can promote clairvoyance in the governments of today, in order to prevent the same atrocities. The Guatemalan governments human rights office, the Procuraduría de Derechos Humanos found around seventy– five million pages of Guatemala’s National Police documents from the time of the Dirty Wars. It is important to understand that the Guatemalan government in the past has not been as helpful as the United States government when it came to handing out federal documents. From the instant the Guatemalans and guerrilla forces signed their peace accord, the people of Guatemala have been in a constant struggled with their government to recover…show more content…
Another extremely important aspect of the National Security Archives exposing the cruelties of the Dirty Wars is that the survivors and the family members of the victims, can get closure. The decades of the Dirty Wars were chaotic and many people lost their families and have know idea what became of them. The Association of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo is a small case of thirty— five children who’s parents had disappeared during the Dirty War in Argentina. General Rafael Videla and General Reynaldo Bignone are responsible for the kidnapping of about five hundred babies . Both men have already been convicted of human rights abuses, such their participation in the missing and death of about thirty thousand people according to human rights organizations. However, the trial was not to have Generals Videla and Bignone go to jail, since they were already there, it was for the fifteen thousand people who where kidnapped and lost their lives, when only about fifteen percent of them were actually a threat, and it is for the Grandmothers who lost their children and the chance to see their grandchildren become adults. Thankfully, Generals Videla and Bignone were convicted with the National Security Archives assistance, the United States Embassy in Buenos Aires “declassify a full version” of the Abrams Memorandum. The National Security Archives, Latin American citizens, foreign countries, and even sole individuals are fighting to bring the hammer of justice upon those responsible. Another example, is the case of “Los Quemados”, the burned one, which is a gruesome crime against two teenager’s Rodrigo Rojas de Negri and Carmen Gloria Quintana. The Chilean army officer and his subordinates set Rodrigo and Carmen on fire and then left them in a ditch to die because they had attended a street protest against the military control. Carmen survived the attack with severe burns, however Rodrigo died after fighting for his life for four days and doctors at the clinic say he
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