Disability Case Study Essay

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Ingrid is a 45 year old Caucasian. She is a social worker, who works at a skilled nursing facility. Ingrid is a right hand dominant. She lives with her husband Tom and two children: a son, age 15, and a daughter, age 8 in a two-story colonial house in a suburban neighborhood. Before the accident, Ingrid was very active in her occupational performance. She is always eager to participate in her daughter’s education by volunteering to read in her daughter’s classroom and other school committees. All these efforts show how much she cares about her family and that she always put their educations first. Just like every other mother, Ingrid loves to spend time with her family. One day she decided to go on a skiing vacation with her family in the northwest…show more content…
Right after the accident, Tom had to make quite a few arrangements in his life as well as in the family. Since the rehabilitation hospital was several miles away from home, Tom took several days off in order to stay closer to his wife. As for the children, they had to return home while Tom’s parents came to live with them. As the situation is progressing Tom is afraid of continuing to take more days off, for he is responsible of the income, now that Ingrid is sick. Ingrid has no disability insurance and the family needs the health benefits while the tax season is approaching. Without Ingrid’s income the family is having a hard time managing the situation. Eventually, after spending several weeks at the acute-care, Ingrid was transported to a rehabilitation hospital near her home in which provided a huge relief for the family. Now, Tom can work and still have time to visit his wife during the day. The children can also benefit from this change. At the rehabilitation hospital Ingrid is being seen by several professionals such as nursing, different physician specialties, physical therapy, speech therapy, social worker, last but not least occupational therapy. The hospital’s plan is for Ingrid to be discharged home in 6 weeks. The Los Ranchos Amigos cognitive scale was administered to Ingrid During OT evaluation, it reveals that she is at a level V. The Ranchos Los Amigos scale predicts what the client will

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