Disability Disabilities

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In today’s society inclusion for people with diability both physical and intellectual has greatly improved in regard to three key areas – Education and Employment and in their social life. These main keys are incredibly important for an abled person so why is there such barriers for disabled people? In this essay I will look at the barriers faced by disabled people and how they could be overcome. “Social inclusion is the act of making all groups of people within a society feel valued and important.” (Collins Dictionary). Inclusion should be a basic standard in todays society but unfortuanlty it is not. Day to day, people with Intellectual and physical disabilities struggle either fincailly or doing daily tasks such as shopping or wanting to get a job. The state should be putting more means in place for these struggles faced but unfortunately, they are not.
Historically, people with either a physical disability or a learning impairment would have been excluded or marginalised from any type of education as they would have been deemed as being incompetent or would have been seen to not be able to keep up. This type of behaviour continued until an uproar had happened in the 1960s and 1970s. “As people with disabilities challenged the stigmatising and limiting nature of segregated education, and gave voice to their anger and dissatisfaction, issues of equality of access and educational opportunity gained impetus and integration became centre stage. Political pressure from
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