Disability Driving Assessment

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Being disabled does not necessarily mean that you will be unable to drive a vehicle for the rest of your life. For people with serious disabilities such as : loss or impairment of one or two legs or arms, provision has to be made for special appliances, aids, and other vehicle modifications to enable them adapt to the changes and drive safely. In such cases, it is important to pass a disability driving assessment before your license can be issued.
A standard driving assessment will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your overall driving ability. You can then take a disability driving assessment if required. The aim of this assessment is to determine your driving capabilities and the modifications or aids needed to help you drive safety and comfortably.
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Some equipment will be used to measure specific areas like braking, steering, power and reaction times. This equipment testing will be conducted before the on road segment of the disability driving assessment.
The role of the driving assessor
Before the on the road segment of the disability driving assessment, you will be introduced to a driving assessor who will take you through all the necessary tests. The major role of the assessor is to address your concerns, inform you of the requirements of the assessment and discuss the route that will be taken.
The assessor is professionally trained in the field of mobility and cognitive impairments and will serve as a guide to explain the whole process and answer any questions you might have regarding the assessment.
The on the road assessment usually takes place in an official vehicle. It is necessary that you inform your assessor beforehand if you will be more comfortable taking the test in your own vehicle. The driving assessor will consider your request and if deemed appropriate, will ensure that the assessment is carried out in your
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