Impact Of Disability On Ageing Society

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“Impacts of disability on ageing society” Robert Owen, the Welsh social reformer and one of the founders of utopian socialism and the cooperative movement stated that “In advanced age, and in cases of disability from accident, natural infirmity or any other cause, the individual shall be supported by the colony, and receive every comfort which kindness can administer.” For a long time, disability has become a major issue to the state or all sector of society must pay attention. The people in the society aware of the problems people with disabilities make this issue not be ignored. On the other hand, People in society have seen the problems because disabilities have impact on the lives of disabled people, whether physical, psychological and…show more content…
Then the focus disability due to senility. Finally, it draws a conclusion on Impacts of disability on elderly to lead suggestion on how to cope with disability, which was a major problem in the lives of elders. Includes evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of solutions that have proposed. For this reason, for benefits that elderly must receive. To improve the quality of life of disabled people in aging…show more content…
Result in a change in the minds and emotions of the elderly such as feeling discouraged, anxious and isolation. Because they are confident in themselves decreased. When the body dysfunction impair it’s own role, the role and importance of elderly people in our society tend to be restricted to a reduced. Affect daily activities cause anxiety, fear and frustrated easily. As a result, frequent mood changes. If those who take care or family unable to bear these things instance there isn't time for intimate care. The elderly is disabilities are often neglected. By the way, leave alone or deposited at Social Welfare Development Center. Which would make his mental condition worse, because they want to get attention from the children and their families, make him feel abandoned and self has no value. On the other hand, Some people have a better life. The advantages and disadvantages of different according to his needs. Namely, 1. Advantages: they received the basic factors for example healthy food, apparel, medicine, dwelling and so on. Besides, There have caretaker physical examination is always makes him feel safe for example Pressure measurement, physical examination, blood test and so on. They will have friends in the same age range or they are the same disability, make it they counselor to talk or he can understand each
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