Disability Definition

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There is no perfect combination of words that can precisely define disability. Medically, it is an event which occurs after impairment, due to impairment the affected persons are unable to carry out certain activities considered normal for his age and sex. Therefore the disability is termed as an inability to carry out certain activities. The WHO has defined disability as “Any restriction or lack of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being”.1 In the social context, this definition has been challenged by disability activists; they define disability as an interaction between an individual with impairment and the surrounding environmental barriers. As a social phenomenon disability is…show more content…
NHM aims to strengthened health delivery system of India by taking actions on a health determinants such as water, sanitation, education, nutrition, social and gender equality. However, NHM includes people with all the vulnerable sections like women and children but there is no mention of health care needs of people with disabilities. As the PWDs are not leading a normal life, they seek more health care than the able people. as they do not have normally functioned body, they need more health care not only for their disability but also for their other health problems. Especially People with limb impairment have various health problems other than their disability like overweight, lethargic body and digestion problems. PWDs mainly face the following barriers in accessing health care…show more content…
Society is a group of people in which we born, live, share, learn and work. Society plays an important role in an individual’s life and affects the people’s vision for life. With the fast developing India, still there are people with traditional mindset holding the view that the disability is only a physical health problem. They are even not aware of the difficulties and disability associated problems faced by disabled people in their daily life. People with disability feel themselves as a not fitted/not acceptable part of society. Still in 21st century disability has taken as punishment from God and because of these kind of perceptions people have developed a sympathetic attitude for PWDs, which somewhere draw a line between able and disable people and shake confidence of disabled people. This retricting them to lead their life differently from others in a very limited way and restricted enviornment.
Gender discrimination among persons with disability is a major social barrier for seeking health care facilities. As we all are aware from gender discrimination faced by a normal girl at every stage of her life, so it could be easily understood the discrimination against a
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