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The readings and concepts that I have read and analyzed over this semester have really opened up my eyes and ears on what I have to have knowledge of before I enter into the classroom. Some very important issues I have learned about really show why I choose this profession after all. The topic of the history of disabilities and how far this world has come to provide equal respect and accomodations is amazing. Other topics I found inspiring were the diversity, the gender issues and equality, and especially the people with disabilities that played sports. With every topic I have read about over these past weeks I have learned more about the people I will encounter and accommodate and how much more learning I have to complete. Each day I am closer…show more content…
In the articles I read it summed up to say that women and girls with disabilities are viewed as a heterogeneous group. This means that because of their gender, type of disability, race, ethnicity, location and socioeconomic status they are extremely diverse in character. All of this considered the thing that is magnified the most is poverty and disability. I said in the Gender Issues and Disability that Poverty and disability go hand in hand with women and girls because they are more likely to be deprived of basic necessities such as food and medicine. The worse conditions they live in, girls with disabilities are less likely to have access to en education. Another topic that was discussed and was shocking was the invisibility of girls who are disabled. It stated in the journal, Education For All: A Gender And Disability Perspective, “Women and girls with disabilities are commonly stereotyped as sick, helpless, childlike, dependent, incompetent, and asexual, greatly limiting their opportunities.” (Rousso, 2) I look at this as disgusting. Whether boy or girl the stereotypes held only magnify their differences even more in a negative way. What does this say about out country? What does this say about our society? This says the people living in the U.S do not live up the constitution of equal rights they are provided. This only can fold into other countries like Kenya where women and girls with…show more content…
One thing that warms my heart the most is scrolling through twitter to see a video of a child with disabilities making a basket or kicking a goal and everyone on both team goes wild. Children with disabilities that can participate in sports are an amazing journey to watch. There are so many stories of people with disabilities that have amazing experiences with playing sports. By allowing children with disabilities you are allowing an image to form in their head that they are athletic, successful and loved. By encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities you are making them become a part of the community which factors more respect for them. I know my high school had a girl with disabilities that finally decided to join the basketball team. Everyone became her biggest fan and she made tons of friends. On one certain game she made a certain amount of baskets and the local news cast WMFD had a video about her. They interviewed her and she had the biggest smile on her face. I also know that here at Ashland University we have programs and events where the special olympics happen and college students here can play a game of basketball with people with disabilities. No one leaves the rec without a

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