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My website analysis is on the well-known social problem of disability. I am using this website for the first time in hopes of discovering some useful information and resources that may prove to be beneficial to me in my Personal Care Services (PCS) job at Ambercare. The website that I have chosen is Disability Advocacy Network (DAN) http://www.dan-inc.net.au (Disability Advocacy Network). The social problem addressed within this website is that of a disabled individual.
The Disability Advocacy Network (DAN) website is a site for disabled individuals, addressing all types of disabilities, providing information and resources that may prove to be beneficial to them. DAN reaches out to a targeted population, which is people with disabilities and
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Some are mentally disabled, others may be physically disabled, and many have both mental and physical disabilities. In general I feel that people that have these disabilities are given the run around, made to feel that they do not matter, and are not important enough to receive the correct information they are seeking to obtain. A subject (Social Problems page 222) I provide care to was awarded Dual Coverage insurance for a year, which in her case is Medicare, full Medicaid coverage, and a waiver for aging disabilities. When it came time to for her to recertify for her benefits, she had all the necessary paperwork along with the required proof in order for her to continue receiving all her current benefits to take to her Human Services Department (HSD) appointment. Upon arriving to her appointment, we were called back by the HSD case worker in order to update or change any information on my subjects ' case, which there were no changes so the appointment should have been just receiving copies of the documentation she had brought with her, and nothing more. However, the HSD case manager proceeded to ask my subject what was wrong with her, why she was receiving the waiver, and why she was receiving the coverage she currently had. My subject began to explain the reasons and answer all the questions the HSD case manager asked her, but was quickly interrupted. The case manager stated, "it…show more content…
I 'm not sure if this site is outdated, but I would say it sure could use some serious updating. I see evidence and willingness to provide disabled people help or help them get the needed help they are seeking from the DAN site by the different links associated with the actual site and the 1-800 number provided to answer questions. The people affected by a disability are of course the disabled person, the family, and the caregivers who provide treatment to the disabled individuals. The warrants are that society standards also hold freedom, justice equality, and protecting our vulnerable (Social Problems Page

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