Finding Nemo Film Analysis

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In this chapter I will discuss the change of representation of disabled characters in the Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo and the sequel Finding Dory. I will discuss how the representation of the disabled in previously mentioned films from the previous chapter differ from that of newer films mentioned in this chapter.
Pixar was created from a company named Lucasfilm and has then become recognised as the Pixar as we call it today in 1986 when Steve Jobs bought the Computer Graphics Division. During that time the company only consisted of approximately 44 individuals, including some of Pixar’s most exceptional minds, John Lasseter and Ed Catmull. The company developed and delivered their IPO in 1995, following their release of Toy Story as part of Pixar’s association with Disney at that time. By 2006 the company had received 20 Academy Awards due to their various films. It seemed as if Pixar was indestructable. In
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The way Finding Dory represents these characters is remarkable. Dory, a Blue Tank fish, who was in the previous film Finding Nemo, is the protagonist of the film who as I previously mentioned, suffers from short-term memory loss. Dory’s disability is not shown in the film as being a major problem and she is admired throughout the film and succeeds in the end. Her disability is not miraculously fixed throughout the film, but she learns how to work around her disability. Dory aids Hank, the octopus missing one tenticle, which is his disability, by helping him to overcome his fear and worry due to his missing tenticle. Destiny also has a disability and she and Hank are both new characters, who were not in the orinigal film. Destiny is a whale shark who is near sighted and sometimes has trouble banging into objects, but her friends assist her throughout the film to be able swim without crashing into anything (Fig
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