Disabled People Stereotypes

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There are many disabled people in America. It is said, about 56.7 million Americans were disabled (Bernstein, 2012). There are many disabilities a person can have. For example: not being able to see, cerebral palsy, and dementia. We will talk about labels, stereotyping people with disabilities, the minority of these individuals, and the marginality of this group. Furthermore, people with disabilities don 't want to be labeled ("Portrayal of People with Disabilities"). For me, I suffer from a very mild form of Cerebral palsy, so I walk a little differently than my peers. Cerebral Palsy has affected my fine motor skills, a little bit of how I talk, and my hamstrings are tighter than my peers, so in order to lengthen the muscle I have to do various stretching exercises. In addition, I wore leg brace orthotics ' for many years, and was always afraid to wear shorts because, whenever someone saw me they would either ask why I had those, or people would just stare at me. Needless to say, I felt labeled…show more content…
Next, I think the stereotypes that people place on the many disabled people by what they say, or how they act towards a person who is disabled speaks volumes. I think a stereotype is just another type of label people put on disabled people to make them feel better about themselves. However, I feel 20 years ago disabilities were handled a lot differently. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed helping people with disabilities have more possibilities in their life (Block). The minority of people with disabilities have many possibilities, but they still face racial discrimination (Langtree, 2010). However, an employer can no longer discriminate based on color, or how disabled a person is (Langtree, 2010). However, in education the minority of people with disabilities there are classes to accommodate their needs (Langtree, 2010). However, there are less opportunities available in education for the diverse and minorities with a disability (Langtree,
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