Disabled Service Member Essay

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1. All branches of the United States military have policies that address the issue of disabled service members; do you think that there should be a policy change? Explain your answer (not just a yes or no), and feel free to use examples.
All of the United States militaries do address the issue of the disabled service member. If a military person who suffered an injury and become disabled. Due, to the severeness of the disability they can reenlist in the arm forces if they can requalify. For instance, Master Chief Petty Officer Carl Maxie Brashear. He was the first black Navy diver that achieves Master Diver with an amputated leg from the knee downward. Master Chief Brashear is one of many instances of courageous men and women in the United States military that have disabilities and requalified to continued serving in the United States armed services.
In the case of Keith Nolan which is a civilian, who has a hearing disability from birth should not be
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Starting with Major, Representative of Congress, Governor, and Senator of the state he resides. Keith Nolan can say he is being discriminated due to being hearing impaired by the United States armed forces and arguing his case. Also, by creating a petition of his situation and bring to light on how the armed forces are discriminating people that are hearing impaired who are trying to enlist the citizens of his community can assist in his goal. This process can have a local representative be aware that there is a problem in the requirement system, and the only way to resolve this issue the required government help. To change the policy for the citizen who wants to enlist who have impaired hearing. These can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Once a Public Officials demes, there is a significant problem with a recruitment procedure of the Arm Forces they can set forth a Policy
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