Disabled Wilfred Owen Analysis

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Analyze how and why the contrast between past and present is explored in
‘Disabled’ by Wilfred Owen

The poem Disabled was written by Wilfred Owen, while he was convalescing at a hospital after his injuries at a battlefield. It portrays his honest confessions and feelings before and after the war, describing the significant changes he has went through. To summarize this poem, it’s about a physically disabled man (Wilfred Owen) who reflects on his experience when he was on the battlefield. It expresses the thoughtless image of him as he didn 't know what the forever consequences were after fighting in the war.

This war piece is one of the most famous piece that is recognized by lots of people and Owens uses 7 stanzas with various literary techniques to finish his story. By using these stanzas, the readers get a clear understanding of the contrast between past and present. He goes back and forth to reminisce about the old days, and to focus back on the actual reality or the pain he is going through.

To start out with, in the opening stanza, he describes himself sitting “in a wheeled chair, waiting for dark,” which is the present situation of him. It suggests the immobility of the character (legless) and is feeling very isolated, losing all his hope in life. He is just waiting for death. He further uses comparison to show how his life is so much different from those voices of boys and is indeed astonishingly dull and negative. He uses literary techniques like simile and
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