Disadvantage Of Single Parenting

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The Downside of Single Parenting “A single parent could feel like a mouse racing on a wheel, where she/he is continually running, trying to maintain a proper household and raise healthy children.” This is a statement from Victoria Thompson. I do believe in this statement because for me single parents, unlike the married couple, are having a hard time in dividing their time with their work and taking good care of their kids. So, single parenting faces more disadvantages like the experience of economic hardship, negative judgment of the community and the psychological effects on rearing children that make the family and relation cycle really complicated.

Single parenting is about having a child without living with a partner or spouse. In historical events, the major reason of becoming a single parent is because of the death of a partner, but nowadays, the main reason of being single parents is either divorce or unplanned pregnancy. The other reasons of being a single parent are adoption and separation. Single parents need to be tough because they are the only one to raise his/her child. As a matter of fact, all the responsibilities that are shouldered by a married couple should be shouldered by the single parent alone. He/she have a big responsibility to be mother and father combine in a single body in order to fulfill their child’s need. As many say, two heads are better that one, but as a single parent they only have their self. With this, they are going to have a hard
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