Disadvantage Of Solar Energy

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ABSTRACT: “ENERGY DEMAND” is one of the major

threads in our country at present situation. In order to

meet the energy demand, usage of Renewable Energy is

the only alternate solution. This paper deals with the new

method of harvesting solar energy with the help of solar

panel. The new method deals with direct conversion of

heat into electricity by means Thermo electric conversion

(SEEBECK EFFECT) so that along with light energy from

the sun, heat energy is also absorbed by the solar cell and

converted into electricity. Thus with the single panel we

can generate more amount of electricity, cost of generation

is reduced and efficiency of solar panel is also increased.

KEYWORDS: single panel, both heat and light, seebeck effect

The electricity requirements of the world are increasing at an

alarming rate and the power demand has been running ahead

of supply. It is also now widely recognized that the fossil fuels

and other conventional resources, presently being used for

generation of electrical energy, may not be either sufficient or

suitable to keep pace with ever increasing demand of

electrical energy of the world. And it also may become extinct

at any time, before facing the situation we have to choose an

alternative to avoid the power crisis. One of the best solutions


Solar energy, Wind energy, Hydro energy, Geothermal

energy, Bio-mass, etc as the primary sources for power
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