Disadvantages And Causes Of Modernization

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Does modernisation has its fair share in spreading diseases
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The research is about how modernisation can cause good but it can also cause harm. Modernisation has made our lives more convenient by providing us with things that make our lives more efficient by providing us with appliances that ease our daily lives. However these appliances can cause harm to our health.

Modernisation has invented a lot of appliances that ease our lives and makes lives easier, more convenient and more interesting. However, all these appliances can cause harm to our bodies. They can spread some illnesses and diseases such as cancer and others. Therefore this research is to prove my point that modernisation may not be worth risking our health for.

Main body
Here are some diseases that are prone to be caught by people commonly due to modernisation. Some of these include, lung cancer, brain cancer and heart disease. Modernisation in this case refers to new technology and inventions that make people live easier or at least more enjoyable.

Firstly, there is the bad habit of smoking. Smoking was not invented to improve people’s lives in any way neither was it invented to be useful, however, it has played a very big part in causing harm to people’s health. Many people smoke

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