Disadvantages And Cons And Effects Of Globalization In The World

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It is interesting to present our views on effects of Globalisation on something whose existence across the globe itself is a result of Globalisation. The usage of menu card dates back to the Song Dynasty in China. The very words “restaurant” and “menu” are of French origin and the contemporary menu card also first appeared in France in the second half of the 18th century Globalization has given restaurants a wider array of choices but everything has its pros and cons and so does globalization, other than opportunities it brings risks as well, and some may find it more profitable to leave that trend behind entirely. Pros: • More options on the menu: 1. Globalization makes it easier for the restaurants to find ingredients. They are not limited to serving what’s in season where they are located. 2. The world wise availability of Pizza and Pasta which were once available only in a particular region should also be credited to Globalisation 3. In the early 90s Globalisation helped in exchange of cuisines across the globe which now results in availability of various dishes to serve our taste buds. 4. Moreover, globalization has increased the number of potential vendors for many restaurants, lowering the bargaining power of suppliers and helping the bottom line. • Marketing Potential: 1. Ingredients like Jalapeno sauce or certain varieties of hard cheese can only be imported from outside India. Yet we have recipes prepared out of these ingredients which is also in great demand. 2.

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