Disadvantages Of E-Commerce Essay

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Commerce is the activity of trade between businesses or entities. Commerce also refers to the activity called buying and selling goods or services between seller and consumer. The possibility of commerce has expanded into the creation of electronic commerce or e-commerce. Electronic Commerce or also known as E-Commerce is a type of business model, or segment of a larger business model, that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over an electronic network, typically the internet. E-commerce allows the consumers to electronically shopping or exchange goods and service whenever and wherever they want to. E-commerce allows consumers to do the transaction of buying or exchange goods and services without any barriers. It is clearly that…show more content…
Conventional commerce does not have problems related with human resources, because it is way too simple. In e-commerce, they need technically qualify staffs with an aptitude to upgrade themselves in this ever changing e-commerce. Hence, it is hard for them to find those talented staffs. Those are the 7 differences between e-commerce and the conventional one. If many people believe that e-commerce is better than the conventional one, then they are totally wrong. E-commerce has a lot of disadvantages that the customers can not ignored. These are the disadvantages of e-commerce: 1. Limited customer service. If the customers want to ask for further details about the product, they could not ask the employee or staff directly. It will be very difficult if they want to buy goods that have a lot of specifications, such as electronic devices. 2. The customers could not experience the goods or services before. This is the reason why e-commerce can be pretty dissatisfying when the goods customers received are slightly different than they have expected before, because the customers only have pictures or videos prepared by the sellers. Hence, there is no guarantee of product’s quality. 3. E-commerce is not suitable for high-end or high-value goods, such as

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