Compare And Contrast Essay On City Life Advantages And Disadvantages

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The facilities and comforts of a place have always attracted a big number of population that is why many people move from villages to cities to have a better life. Although there are some similarities between the two areas including language, clothing style, one rule of law and religion, there are many other vital factors that city life is most often preferred and crowded with people. From household chores to every aspect of daily living, there is a big difference between the two lifestyles and each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.
The first difference between the two societies is the lifestyle and their basic needs of education and health care. Unlike cities, life in villages is very simple in terms and conditions of less crowd and because there is not a
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Due to too many vehicles and its populated environment, there is too much sound and air pollution which carries a lot of sicknesses with itself. The cost of living is high; though people earn a lot of money, they do not have enough money to complete even the basic needs of their lives. Most people are corrupted that has increased the crime rate in the cities and has threatened people’s safety. In conclusion, city people are most of the times selfish and unfriendly; they don’t interact a lot with others. For example, a house does not know their neighbor next door or even members in the family have less family time for one another. This is because everyone is too busy in sorting out their own lives and works.
The two societies, city and village are different in many areas. Villages are praised for its simple life and being away from most depressions which people in cities experience. In regard to city life, although life is complicated but current world’s technology and developments have made life much easier and comfortable for the urban people. There are a lot of facilities and opportunities for them to progress and make a better

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