Advantages And Disadvantages Of Diversity Management

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One of characteristics of the contemporary world is globalization, which requires more interaction among people from different continents, countries, nationalities. People do not stay to live and work in the same marketplace as before; globalization and worldwide economy opened new opportunities for those who want to compete in world market. For this reason, diversity management is one of the biggest challenges of organizations today.
Diversity can be defined as degree to which people are different from one another based on any characteristic. It can be visual characteristic such as gender, race, nationality, age, or disability. Also, it can be hidden attribute such as differences in values, personality, and work preferences.
Diversity is controversial topic because we can find here as advantages as obvious disadvantages. There are two
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Effective management of a diverse workplace starts with strong policies of equality within an organization.
Also, important step managers can take is to provide to employees diversity training. As an example, training focused on benefits of diversity in the workplace. It can help to increase diversity awareness and understanding the differences in race, gender, age, religion, cultural values and backgrounds. At these meetings managers should encourage discussions on how an organization can better manage workplace diversity.
Another vital requirement when dealing with diversity is promoting a safe place for associates to communicate (3). Managers should encourage employees to work in diverse groups. Also, social gatherings and business meetings are good ways to create dialogues and let employees get to know each other. These practices encourage employees to view colleagues as individuals and judge or value them referring to their work, not personal

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