Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Broadcasting Media

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Media has an important role in our life. It is a source of knowledge in many ways and for a lot of daily information about what is happening in the world. With the advancement of technology, media is offering us solutions to many aspects in the news, arts, social networking and communication between people and all these advantages have improved our quality of life. However, and if we focus on Lebanon, media is facing many biases. The main bias comes from three main areas: the political affiliation, the religion and the financial sponsorship of many media. Broadcasting media is part of this media. It has its advantages and, unfortunately it also has its disadvantages. From the television and radio, we receive the news very fast and learn about many subjects like our health and environment. We also have entertaining programs like music program on the radio and on the television. And we also have the programs on the television which show our talents in singing and acting. The programs on the television and radio can also educate our children with the games…show more content…
Now some people spend too much time on the internet and watch television and so these people spend less time with the others, with their friends and family. And sometimes because we spend a lot of time on the television and internet we have less time for our work and also this can cause for us some problems in our health maybe like problems to our eyes or also hearing problems when we use a lot the earphones. There is also a lot of advertisements sometimes and this makes some program not very attractive to watch. We also should be careful when children are watching the television because in some programs their content is not for their age. They maybe understand the ideas in a wrong way like for example promotion of drugs and alcohol in some television series or maybe when they watch the stunts and they want to do the

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