Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Communication Technology

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Impact of Communications

I am writing a short essay on communication technology. In this assignment I will write about the advantages/disadvantages of communication technology and make relevant points on both sides of the two advantages. This will help the reader to understand how it impacts us today. I will also walk through the impact of technology today and how it benefits us. I will observe the legal acts and relevant points that are made in communication technology.
Uses of communication technology
Communication technology has been around since 1844. The telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse. Using Communication technology is part of many people’s lives, it is a necessity. People communicate through text, emails, faxes, mobile phones, skype, and social media channels. It helps you reach people easier than it was to reach someone many years ago. It is faster, more effective and efficient nowadays. Business’ have embraced communication technology by using its benefits by publishing their ads on social media sites and by using online magazines to advertise. It has They can also conduct a survey to see if people would like there products or for them to make a new product. This makes it easier for the business industry to push on as it makes it easier for them to see what the public is looking for.

Advantages Disadvantages of communication technology
Technology is one of the largest ways in the world today

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