Distance Education Advantages And Disadvantages

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Distance education is a form of education in which students are separated from their instructors by time and space. Digital literacy has made education simple and approachable. Use of distance education is very helpful in remote area education. Several institutes are working in the field of distance education using digital facilities. In this paper we have reviewed various papers which have given their views on distance education. There are various IT institutes which are successfully running distance education program.

Key word : Distance education ; digital literacy ; SL ; OL
I. Introduction
Teaching means a purposeful and preplanned activity whose aim is to provide opportunities to facilitate and speed up the learning within learning and developing systems [1]. Distance education is
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• Distance education is easy to learn and understand because everything is available on the internet which we want to learn.
• Distance education is most preferable or efficient way for some employer. Because todays new kind of technology are developed and employer want to get knowledge about that and increase their own skill.
• Here no commuting are required in distance education for getting learn. So student can save money and time.
III. Disadvantages of Distance Education
• There is no any face to face contact with teacher or lecturer. If any student want to discuss with teacher anything related to course they are not able for that.
• Distance education does not provide any physical activity like verbal communication between teachers.
• Some student could not have technology facility like computer, laptop etc. some time it effect for learning.
• Distance learning does not offer any scholarships because learner are comfort of fee. o It’s not too much expensive as compare to regular

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