Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Drilling

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About Drilling
Drilling is a cutting process in which a hole is originated or enlarged by mean of a multi-point, grooved, end cutting tool. As the drill is rotated and advanced into piece of work, material is removed in the form of chips that move along the grooved shank of the drill. One study shows that drilling accounts for 90% of all chips produced . There are various kinds of drilling like Spot Drilling, Center Drilling, Micro Drilling, Deep Hole Drilling and Gun Drilling. Deep Hole Drilling is a process where fast action of hammer smashes hard rock into small particles and dust which is blown away with high pressure of air to clear the hole. This activity is done in many countries across the globe in sectors like Oil & Gas, Construction and Mining.

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Drilling also helps in testing the ground formation under the surface and finding minerals available and knowing water levels and whether they are contaminated or not.

Disadvantages of Drilling
Along with advantages drilling activity also comes with disadvantages. Petroleum and its derivatives supply a significant part of the world's energy. Oil is used to produce electricity, to operate vehicles and for a number of other vital purposes. Unfortunately exploiting the earth's petroleum resources has a serious environmental impact as the water gets contaminated and unfit for drinking until purified and oil reserves decrease which leads to scarcity of oil based products .
Mining creates shocks and vibrations due to drilling and blasting activities which will lead to noise, dust and collapse of structures in surrounding inhabited areas. The ecology around the mining site will be disturbed causing loss of

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