Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Education In Education

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Sociology Assignment JF: SO1310 Student Number: 14314593 Name: Lara Nolan Tutorial Group: 3 Q2. How does cumulative disadvantage (Darmody, 2011) constitute itself in education? Discuss with particular reference to migrant students. This essay will discuss how cumulative disadvantage (Darmody, 2011) constitutes itself in education with regards to migrant students in particular. Migrant students on arrival into their receiving country are faced with many difficulties regarding their education. These difficulties include problems with integrating, communication, negotiations and academic potential. The language barriers that exist between migrant students and irish national students/teachers pose a huge disadvantage and is the main cause of said difficulties. Along with language barriers, migrant students can find difficulty in maintaining their own cultural and religious identity within the education system which in turn can effect their overall academic achievements and mental…show more content…
The disadvantages that migrant students may face in education within their receiving countries can include problems through communication, integration and negotiation. Many of these difficulties arise as a result of existing racism, language barriers, religious indifference and national ignorance to cultural variety. Migrant students may not reach their full academic potential as a result of this cumulative disadvantage (Darmody, 2011) in education. A resolution to this problem can be difficult to pin point although measures have been taken to encourage integration and racial acceptance through constitution giving equal rights to education etc. National teachers and students of the receiving country must make a conscious effort to enable migrant students full development on an academic and social level to avoid these existing

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