Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook And Twitter

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Internet is all over the world now days. Communication over the internet is something routine daily, this type of communication Is called social media. Social media is internet based of communication, which people are allowed to share information with each other and leave on the moment even when they are not near to each other. There is different type of social media such as: instant messaging, blogs, podcasts, video sharing sites, networking site and more on (“introduction to social media” Para. 2). Now days one of the famous social media is Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and twitter is the place that people can share photos, videos, their feeling, their daily actions or their ideas with each other. There is different type of advantages and disadvantages for the user of Facebook and Twitter; comparing them with each other will help to find out which is more useful and friendly, which one is the winner if they versus each other. A brief idea about a history of this two social media gives an idea that how they start their work and by whom did they went live. Facebook launched with Mark Zuckerberg, which was created to be for Harvard students by the time which was 2005(“Facebook vs. Twitter” Para. 3). On the other hand, Twitter is launched on July 2006 by Jack Dorsey (“Facebook vs. Twitter” Para. 1). There is a quote that says “Facebook is for the connection with the people you went to school with, but Twitter is to connect with the people you wished to go to school with
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