Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Fingerprint

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Fingerprint are considered as one of the physiological biomatric system of human 's recognition ,because of their stability and personality .It consists of details in the pattern of the fingerprint surface. It is one of it 's kind which you will never see it 's resemblance.Nowadays,fingerprint plays major rale in biometric security,which provide assurances about the validity of user.Touching and swweeping sensore are used to recognize the ridge on the surface of the fingerprint.However, touchig sensors are commonly used because of it 's accuracy and speed. Biometric is the featuer of physiological and behavioral to recognize the identity of people.Fingerprint are classified as physiological biometric because it is part of the human body.In the other hand ,behavioral biometric is the action that the individual does.Physiological biometric is vary crucial iv nowadays security system, because fingerprint is vary accurate easy to use .However,there are couple of advantage and disadvantage . Advantage for fingerprint: 1-The ridge patten on the fingerprint stays the same thoughout a person 's life (through it may become less pronounced),unless the fingertipn is damaged. 2-It is also highly distinctive even identical twins have somewhat different fingerprints. Disadvantage for fingerprint: 1-Which it can make mistakes with the dirty ,or dryness of the finger 's skin. 2-In addition, for some people it is somewhat parasitical because it is sometime related to criminal

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