Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Tourism In Cambodia

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Name: Sun Sidarong Essay Topic: The advantages and disadvantages of tourism in Cambodia. The tourist industry is usually striving in many developed and developing nations. Cambodia, which national and international visitors flock to cultural and natural tourism sites is one of them to welcome this industry. A research has shown “Cambodia has excellent tourism resources especially in archaeological, historical and cultural heritage and natural aspects” (ADB, 2019). According to national report for Rio+20, “Cambodia’s GDP has quadrupled, increasing from $216 per capita in 1992 to $909 per capita in 2011”. (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, 2012). Despite this, the mass of tourism destroys historical places, market inflation, air pollution in business trafficking area and even destroy the traditions of local communities. This essay will explore the advantages of tourism in Cambodia and highlight some of the disadvantages. There are many benefits to Cambodia from tourism. Initially, the tourism industry contributes positive socio-economic development which mass tourism exports bridge with large amount of foreign currency to locals. To illustrate, travellers need to spend money on traveling, accommodation, food and drink, tour guiding, as well as buying local products during their visit. According to ADB, it reported “By 2006, visitor numbers had increased to 1.7 million, domestic tourists to 5.3 million, and revenues in excess of $1.5 billion”.

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