Disadvantages And Importance Of History

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Historical and Unhistorical existence: their meaning, advantages and disadvantages in life.

Title : History or Misery

Gaurav Chordia 2012TT10913 The main aim of this essay is to emphasize on the importance of history in one’s life. Is it really impossible to survive without being aware of the past we had or whether still we can forge a happy future. Most of us will be in favor of present incorporated with history but is it also possible to live unhistorical life with satisfaction and content. Nietzsche in his work justified that how history may interrupt modernity and basic human needs and how it is important sometimes to live unhistorical. In the context of Germany he said –
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It is important for us to know as well as discard history at the right moment. In the end we shall conclude that history should be important only as long as it serves life and not for mere
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