Disadvantages Of Hydropower

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Advantages of Hydropower 1. Hydro power uses water which is a clean energy source and does not pollute our atmosphere unlike fossil fuelled power stations. 2. Hydro power can be implemented anywhere there is running water. 3. The water cycle is how hydropower creates energy and it is enabled by the sun which makes it clean renewable source. 4. At big enough hydropower instalments, there is opportunities for people to make use of the reservoir for other activities such as fishing, swimming etc. 5. Hydropower can link directly to the national grid as a backup in case of any power outages using controlled water flow which can be closed when no electricity is needed or open on high demands. 6. A benefit of Hydropower storing water in massive…show more content…
Hydropower stations do not require a lot of people to run, so operation cost is low. Disadvantages of Hydropower 1. Hydropower sites are very expensive to build and require decades before the plant becomes profitable because of initial money required. 2. Natural environment is destroyed due to massive flooding of areas cause damage to landscape and wildlife. 3. Building a hydropower plant could mean that rivers that used to flow now can’t because the large reservoir of water means that places could be starved of water as a result. 4. In some places where rainfall doesn’t fall for any length of time then hydro power stations wouldn’t be a good…show more content…
Horizontal axis is the most common type of wind turbine used, this type of turbine has all generators and parts located at the top of the tower directly behind the blades to give the most efficiency. The tower is connected vertical to the ground. The shaft is connected horizontal to the ground and blades are connected so that they face the wind. As the wind hits the blades the turbine begins to turn. Advantages of horizontal axis type of turbine are: • Turbine blades are situated at the top at the center of the tower to help with stability of the structure • The blades are able to move their angle to harness as much of the wind as possible • The blades are able to change their pitch so that when high winds occur, the turbine can stop as to reduce damage • Tall towers so that the uneven ground won’t interfere with the performance • Tall towers can be used offshore and still be effective • Tall enough they can be above forest tree line • Are self-starting in most cases Disadvantages of horizontal axis type of turbine are: • Near ground level, they are difficult to operate • Due to the size of the tower and blades, they are difficult to transport • Due to size they are difficult to

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