Regenerative Therapy Essay

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DISCUSSION: The most commonly used cells in regenerative therapy via stem cells are the mesenchymal stem cells, these cells are non hematopoietic, multipotent cells in nature that possess the ability to proliferate rapidly and can be differentiated into a range of types of cells that comprise various tissues. These cells were first discovered 48 years ago, by Dr Friedenstein and his team; they identified and demonstrated specific properties in these cells such as: their morphology is like fibroblastic cell, they posses the ability to grow on tissue-culture surfaces, and are Osteogenic dominance in nature. These cells are multipotent in nature and can be differentiated to neuroblasts, osteoblasts, cartilage, and muscle, endothelial and adipose cells. The availability and the source of Mesenchymal stem cells are commonly found in dental pulp tissue, periodontal…show more content…
Due to its complications , legalization and ethical clearance issues have significantly reduced the feasibility of use of stem cells in the medical and dental field. Postnatal cells are multipotent in nature. However, the these stem cells posses limited ability to differentiate into other cell types than the embryonic stem cells. But the advantage of postnatal stem cells is such that they can be used as a source of cells for autologous type of transplants, with greater ability to reduce and minimize the risk factor of rejection of cells due to immune response. The postnatal stem cells can be obtained from the individuals at any stage in lifetime. Studies from the early 1990s demonstrated that Bone morphogenic proteins induce the generation of dentin in animal models. However, the ability to induce the formation of dentin is not only limited to Bone morphogenic proteins. But Dentin matrix protein has also been shown to nucleate and form the apatite crystals and also to induce dentin
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